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Fax this form and any additional documents to 866 963-6224. If you do not have access to a fax please mail all forms and any additional information in one envelope to Green Dot Corp. Transaction Dispute P. Transaction Dispute Form / Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit Please complete and print this f orm if you are disputing a charge f rom a merchant that has posted to your card. Please include a copy of all supporting documentation such as transaction receipts and correspondence with the...
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Who needs a Transaction dispute form?

This form is completed by the individuals who want to dispute a charge from a merchant that has billed their card.

What is the purpose of the Transaction dispute form?

In this form the individual provides information about the disputed money transactions and asks for a full refund. It is filed if the buyer is not satisfied with the quality of the goods, services, or things of value that were bought by non-cash payment or he didn’t receive the expected articles. It may also happen that the individual didn’t authorize the transaction at all and a certain amount of money has been withdrawn from the card by mistake. If the articles purchased were not as described, the buyer should return the merchandise and later, the money can be transferred.

What documents must accompany the Transaction dispute form?

The Transaction dispute form is accompanied by transaction receipts, correspondence with the merchant, proof of the merchandise return, a tracking number, and other documents supporting the claim.

When is the Transaction dispute form due?

This form is completed when there is a need -- there are no strict instructions as for the terms. The estimated time for filling out the form is 20 minutes.

What information should be provided in the Transaction dispute form?

The claimant should add the following information:

  • Personal data of the cardholder (name, card number, phone number, mailing address)
  • Transaction information (transaction amount; date of transaction; merchant’s name)
  • Dispute reason (choose one of the variants or provide your own reason)
  • Claim number (if the dispute has been already submitted over the phone)

The form should also be certified by the cardholder and dated.

What do I do with the form after has been completed?

The completed and signed Transaction dispute form is faxed to (866) 963-6224 or mailed to Green Dot Corp. Transaction Dispute, Monrovia, CA.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing green dot dispute form
Instructions and Help about green dot dispute transaction form
In this video I will demonstrate how to dispute a credit card transaction once you have navigated to internet expenses in earning any credit card holders and any employees with delegated authority will have an additional tab titled credit card transactions click on this tab to get started in the navigation menu on the left click on the dispute transactions link this will bring you to a page where you can view all current credit card transactions that can be disputed if you have delegated access to someone else's transaction history you will have a drop down menu to select other card holders as shown if you are disputing a transaction keep in mind that you the cardholder are responsible for disputing the transaction with the credit card provider filling out this form disables email notifications for the transaction you dispute and does not actually send information to the credit card provider contact information for the credit card provider can be found on the back of your embry-riddle corporate credit card to dispute a transaction scroll down to view the list of current transactions once you've found the transaction you'd like to dispute click the dispute icon to the right of it on this page enter the reason for your dispute finished click the apply button to save the dispute reason the transaction will now show under the disputed transactions area in some cases you may find that you need to end a dispute because it was incorrectly disputed to up to the disputed transaction click the pencil icon on the update disputed credit card transaction page check the end dispute checkbox then enter a reason to end the dispute click the apply button to save the dispute a transaction will be returned to the unused transactions list